Editing Services



No one enjoys reading content that’s fraught with bad grammar, spelling mistakes and convoluted sentences. With our tools of the trade: an actual dictionary, writer’s reference, CP Style Guide and a trusted red pen, we’ll make sure your content is clean, concise and consistent. 

Whether it’s your website, company brochure, year-end report, custom magazine or newsletter, we’ll make sure it’s polished and professional before your customers read it. 

As copy editors we can:

  • proofread for grammar, spelling mistakes, word usage and style
  • fact check
  • rewrite copy where necessary
  • write headlines (titles) and photo captions


In addition to all the things a copy editor does including proofreading, fact checking, rewriting and writing headlines and photo captions, a content editor will evaluate your content in detail.

If you’re interested in the whole enchilada, we’ll look at all existing content for your company or non-profit organization including your website, collateral marketing materials such as newsletters, brochures, magazines, year-end reports etc. and edit all to make sure they send a consistent message to your site visitors and customers. 

We’ll also make sure your content is aligned with your business or organization goals while at the same time helping to build your brand.

If you’re a test-the-waters-first type person, we can look at whatever content you would like us to look at and edit it to make sure it’s consistent with your other content and aligned with your business or organization goals and brand.

In short, you can hire us for a one-off, on a project-by-project basis or on contract if you have a large project or require our services on an ongoing basis.